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Central Birmingham Today

Central Birmingham Today

Our Vision for Central Birmingham showing double the amount of greenery

Artist's impression shows the city "Loop Park"

Our Future City: Central Birmingham 2040

Our Future City combines a compelling vision with a clear route map for forging Birmingham’s zero-carbon future. With the ambition of establishing our city as a world leader in sustainable living and working by 2040, the framework combines community, connectivity, housing and proactive plans for investment and jobs to create a greener, more liveable city for everyone.

Through collaboration with Birmingham City Council and Arcadis, we have developed an inclusive framework that will embody these principles. Our Future City 2040 sets out a clear, city-scale ambition for the next 20 years of economic and social growth.

As urban designers, our in-depth understanding of Birmingham’s unique social, historical and architectural evolution—what makes the city tick—has enabled us to weave an authentic narrative vision for the future of Birmingham that reinforces existing place identities, communities and shared histories.

The city is setting ambitious targets to double its green space and provide 200km of active travel routes and half its pollution levels—for the benefit of current and future residents while delivering on homes and jobs in emerging sectors.

Our goal is for Birmingham to set a benchmark for transformative change that builds on its strong history, demonstrating what the future can hold for any growing city striving to create a sustainable future for all.

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