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Alan Foord

Alan has been at Howells for nearly two decades and during that time he has seen the practice grow from a small team to the creative collective we are today. He has built up a close working relationship with our architects and other modelmakers and this ensures that our models always communicate our design intentions.

His first models were for Liverpool Lime Street and Dunstable Library – the latter got sat on by the client and this taught Alan an early lesson on the transient nature of modelmaking! Since then, he has gone on to work on nearly every model made in-house using a variety of materials, including wood, foam, card, metal, acrylics and now powder through our 3-D printer.

Alan takes great pride in his modelmaking, with some models such as the recently completed Paradise Masterplan model, taking several months to complete and other foam massing models taking a couple of hours. While Alan works at small scales, he is always delighted to see our finished projects at full scale and reflect on the key role modelmaking plays in our design process.

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