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A future Middle Dock

Reimagined Canary Wharf

Reimagined Canary Wharf

Reimagining Canary Wharf

We are working in collaboration with Canary Wharf Group (CWG) and the Eden Project to demonstrate how urban environments can thrive with biodiversity. The Eden Project, an educational charity and social enterprise founded over 20 years ago, is on a mission to connect people with the natural world for the benefit of all living things. CWG is the developer of the largest urban regeneration project in Europe and is committed to turning sustainability ambition into impactful action

We will work with the partnership to implement changes across Canary Wharf, turning theory into actions—creating a vibrant “green spine” through Canary Wharf, featuring public spaces, parks, gardens, waterside access and more. We will assist in developing an overall masterplan vision for the existing public realm and waterways at Canary Wharf. Our approach is to consider the wellbeing of the individuals and communities that use spaces, helping to ensure that this project realises the ambitions for urban environments as set out by the partnership.

As cities expand, addressing biodiversity loss is crucial. This partnership aims to lead by example, demonstrating how urban environments can work in harmony with nature. We will play a crucial role in shaping this vision, promising to redefine urban development and setting a new standard for connecting people with the natural world.

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