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Visuals by Huw Morgan

Visuals by Huw Morgan

Warners Fields

Set around the banks of a re-naturalised River Rea, Warners Fields will be a new green neighbourhood of 3,000 homes in Highgate, Birmingham.

The River Rea was once the force behind the waterwheels of the numerous mills that lined its banks before it was culverted and hidden by the Victorians’ grand engineering projects. Warners Fields will re-activate the river by breaking it out of its hard-engineered channel for the first time in over 100 years. It will be naturalised through terracing and planting with public spaces, footpaths, crossings, shops and restaurants activating the riverside.

Our design prioritises walking and cycling, with over half of the area devoted to green and pedestrian spaces and upgraded walking routes and cycle paths. The neighbourhood will bring Birmingham City Council’s Rea Valley Urban Quarter ambitions to life, acting as a catalyst for further regeneration and bringing residents closer to nature. As well as new homes, the first phase will include accommodation for start-ups and small businesses.

Client Dandara Living
Location Birmingham
Size 7.1 ha
Status Planning approved
Homes 3,000 homes
Matt Fielding
Maria Kousi
Adam Desborough
Sandeep Shambi
Alistair Lomas