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The entrance colonnade

The entrance colonnade

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A double-height atrium space

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A limited palette of materials

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The library

St Chad Building, Newman University

As part of our role in formulating a feasibility masterplan for this newly established institution’s campus, we identified the need for a new entrance building as a key priority for meeting the university’s objectives.

In order to change perceptions of the historic former teaching college and attract new students, a new sense of place and identity was required. The new building physically re-orients the campus outwards to engage with the local community and marks the entrance, transforming the visitor experience.

The entrance building has a naturally ventilated library and research centre and houses student services. It is connected via a linear atrium to existing buildings and has a 90-metre-long colonnade shading its curved south façade. It was the first in a series of projects that followed under the same masterplan, transforming the site and attracting new students.

“Thank you … for capturing so brilliantly what I wanted from the building. It is all that I had hoped for … Staff and students have told me how lovely it is to be in the building and how inspirational they find it.”
Pam Taylor, Former Principal

Client Newman University
Location Birmingham
Size 4,000 sq m
Status Completed 2011
Awards Built in Quality Award 2012
Darren Barbier
Simon Pearson