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View of the central square

View of the central square

Exterior detail  showing floor-to-ceiling glazing

View shows the apartments' floor-to-ceiling glazing

Exterior view showing horizontal stone banding combined with full-height glazing

Horizontal stone banding combined with full-height glazing provides the project with an identifiable collective identity

The Hub

Seamlessly knitting into the fabric of its business quarter location, The Hub set a precedent for future development in Milton Keynes. As part of a redevelopment of the Central Business Exchange, the project, composed of five mixed-use blocks of ten to 14 storeys, was a significant departure from the city’s original low-rise design.

Our design, arranged around a central plaza, contains 408 apartments with floor-to-ceiling glazing that lend them a Miesian rigour and collective identity. The residences benefit from energy delivered by an onsite CHP plant. At the time of development, the 14-storey CBX III was the tallest building in Milton Keynes and a new landmark for the city.

Client Frontier Estates and Crest Nicholson
Location Milton Keynes
Status 2008
Homes 408 apartments